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          公司簡介 環境信息公示 品牌文化 資質榮譽 技術研發 認證專利 發展歷程

           質量方針 Quality Guideline 


           To provide high quality electronic products in a accurate,constant,reliable and continuous way,and serve our customers right the first time in  all  aspects of our business. 

           環境方針  Environment Guideline 


           Clean Production,Avoid Pollution,Environment Protection,Legal and Ethical Operation,Continuous Improvement. 

           職業健康安全方針  Occupation Health and Safety Guideline 

           以人為本,重在預防,關愛健康; 遵規守法,持續改進,共創平安。 

           People-oriented, Focuse on prevention, Health care;Comply with rules, continuous improvement, create safety.